10 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Have A Better Sex Life

When we were younger, sex was garbage — even though we thought it was the greatest thing known to man. But the older we get, the more we start to realize that sex is about so much more.

It makes us feel more in touch with ourselves as well as our partner and it gives us so much pleasure. So, whether it’s about that extra boost of confidence or desire to enhance our sex life overall, we’re really open to doing what we can to achieve better results.

Here’s what you need to stop doing in order to get a better sex life:

1. Stop putting pressure on yourself.

You don’t have to be freshly waxed or wear the sexiest and most expensive lingerie. You can be sexy without trying so hard. Don’t let that ruin your fun experience.

2. Stop putting limitations on your imagination and judging yourself for it.

If you have kinks, don’t feel ashamed or guilty about it. Embrace it and vocalize your needs when you feel comfortable with your sexual partner.

3. Stop making excuses for avoiding masturbation and self-exploration.

You don’t only have to have an orgasm with your partner. Learn how to give yourself one, and do it frequently. That’s the only way you’ll know what you truly want in bed. Give your hands a break and use a sex toy or a detachable showerhead. Find pleasure in masturbation.

4. Stop being harsh on your body.

Everybody has stretch marks, freckles, moles, birthmarks, skin discolouration, and body hair. Embrace your beautiful body for what it is and show that vulnerable side of self-love with your partner instead of hiding yourself from them.

5. Stop expecting a lot from casual sex.

Sadly, if it’s a one-time thing, you’ll probably see the hints. So enjoy the experience and feel every ounce of pleasure. Let the excitement of doing something new with a stranger take over your body and do what you want to make the most of it.

6. Stop trying to please him better each time you have sex.

I know you want to be the best you can be in bed, but it’s unhealthy to have these competitions with yourself. Sex will be boring every once in a while, and that’s okay. Save your porn star performances for a treat every once in a while.

7. Stop faking orgasms.

Girl, why are you holding yourself back from actually having a great wave of pleasure just to protect his ego? Instead, make him actually work for your orgasm and enjoy it without guilt. And if he isn’t willing to give you one, leave his ass alone.

8. Stop rushing into having sex.

If you aren’t ready yet to take your physical relationship to the next level, then don’t. Make him wait for however long you need. And if you are ready, slow things down to enjoy foreplay and the rising sexual tension.

9. Stop letting him always be the one to take control.

If you want sex right then and there, initiate it as soon as possible. If you want to be the dominant one for once, show him who’s boss and let him be submissive. Don’t let him be the one who always makes the decisions.

10. Don’t have sex if you don’t want it.

Oftentimes women feel forced or guilted into having sex with their partners for fear they’ll lose interest in them. However, you don’t have to do it if you don’t feel like you’re in the mood. If he values you enough, he’ll respect your wishes and still want to hang out with you.

I know these sound like no-brainers, but truthfully it isn’t always that common in the heat of the moment. It’s important to really focus on finding our pleasure and enhancing our sexual experiences. Once you find your niche and prioritize your sex life, your overall well-being will improve too — trust me.


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