10 ways first-time dads experience fatherhood

According to experienced fathers, being a first-time dad is an exciting and potentially terrifying experience. But it is worth it.

Radio personality James Onen and allegedly, rapper Feffe Bussi, recently welcomed their firstborns. As they prepare for their fatherly responsibilities, according to the first father of one, Victor Akatwijuka, 30, “it was a very beautiful experience, albeit expensive.”

Here are 10 challenges that these new parents look forward to in their new responsibilities.

1. Planning for finances

Adjusting your budget to accommodate the cost of the new addition to the family. This requires cutbacks and redirecting funds with a proper plan.

2. Planning alone time

The baby will require a lot of your time but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of things that matter to you. Simply add the baby to some of your activities, and create schedules with your partner.

Stay in control of your alone time.

3. Return to uninterrupted sleep

While getting used to their new environment, babies’ sleep schedules are non-existent. This means lots of interrupted night sleep. Trading nightly care responsibilities will keep you sane until your sleep schedule returns.

4. Storage of baby things

Planning for proper storage of baby gear and toys so the house doesn’t feel too overwhelmed with the new changes.

5. Making new friends

Naturally, you will draw close to new people who are at the same stage in life as yourself. This doesn’t mean you will lose all your friends but embrace the dad phase.

6. Balancing a baby and career

Maintaining a career and spending time with the baby will require asking for adjustments at work, delegating, scheduling, and generally becoming more flexible.

7. Heightened awareness of own mortality

It is not unheard of for new fathers to let go of activities considered risky. Becoming a father suddenly makes you rethink actions that might jeopardise your presence in the young one’s life.

8. Becoming the father you never had

Your relationship and experience with your father will probably come to the surface at this time. You will have a choice to be your own person.

9. Protection and safety

You might stress about whether you will drop the baby and other things that might hurt them. Learning about safety tips and becoming more acquainted with the child should ease these fears.

10. Importance of co-parenting

Babies need consistency. If you and the mother establish rules, routines and systems, it will be easier to stick to them. You will also have to discuss parenting expectations due to differences in how you were raised.


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