14-year-old mother hides baby in freezer

A 14-year-old mother, in an attempt to erase her mistakes, hid her new-born baby in a freezer.

The mother identified as Anastasia by Russian media confessed she had gotten pregnant by her ex-boyfriend.

She said she was “too scared” to tell her parents she was pregnant, so she put the baby in a plastic bag and frozen him to death in the family’s garage.

Neither her family nor her teachers in Russia had realized she was pregnant, according to reports.

By the time the baby was discovered, it was too late to save him.

Novosibirsk’s region official Nadezhda Boltenko told 360TV that the girl’s mother had called an ambulance for the schoolgirl after hearing her screams.

“She heard her moaning at night and thought her daughter was suffering from appendicitis,” said Boltenko.

The 14-year-old girl had in fact given birth on her own – and was bleeding heavily with no-one to help her.

After giving birth, she placed the tot in a plastic bag and put him into the freezer in the garage.

Her father was allegedly busy working in the garden when the 14-year-old carried the child to the freezer.

In the ambulance, she “confessed to paramedics she had given birth and hidden the child from the adults in the freezer” at the family home in Verkh-Tula village near Novosibirsk city.

The official working on the investigation called it a “terrible case”.

The schoolgirl is now in hospital in a “serious” condition, she said.

A neighbor who lived near the family allegedly said she wondered if the 14-year-old girl was pregnant, and mentioned this to Anastasia’s mum.

But the mum replied that her daughter had just gained some weight.

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