20 Signs You Might Be Single Forever

If you haven’t had much luck with dating or establishing a serious relationship, you may wonder, “Will I be single forever?” It can be hard to accept being single for the rest of your life, but some people go through life without a partner.

In fact, according to a recent Pew Research Center study, 69 percent of American adults are partnered, whereas 31 percent remain single. Among those who are single, half seem to be happy being single forever, as they are not currently looking for a relationship or dates.

Those who chose to remain single tended to report that they had other priorities outside of looking for relationships, or they enjoyed being on their own.

This means that if you do end up single forever, there are ways to find happiness. On the other hand, if you desire a relationship, being forever single can be disappointing.

Here, learn about some signs God wants you to be single. If you acknowledge that these signs describe you and you have no desire for a relationship, the single life may be perfectly acceptable for you.

On the contrary, if you long for a relationship and can’t stop wondering, “How long will I be single?” These signs may give you insight into what you are doing that is preventing you from finding that special someone.

Why am I single?

Once you find yourself asking, “Will I always be single?” It is time to consider the reasons that you have remained single. Perhaps you are happy being single, like half of the singles are.

It could be that you enjoy your freedom and alone time too much to make a relationship a priority. It could also be that you have been focused on other goals, such as developing your career, and you haven’t set aside time to meet someone.

If this is the case, perhaps you can genuinely accept being permanently single.

On the other hand, if you are single and unhappy, perhaps you have focused so much on your own goals that you haven’t taken the time to prioritize a relationship that could bring joy to your life. Or, maybe something else is going on.

Perhaps your standards are so high that you expect a perfect partner and have not given people a chance. It is also possible that you are struggling with issues such as low self-confidence, which can lead you to believe that you don’t deserve a happy relationship.

Whatever the case is, the truth is that some people can be single forever and be happy, whereas others may be unhappy with living life alone forever. If you’re wondering if you were destined for permanent solitude, consider the signs below.

20 Signs You Might Be Single Forever

If it seems you’re meant to be alone, the following 20 signs you might be single forever may apply to you:

1. You feel like no one ever lives up to your standards

Some people are just happy being single because they have high standards, and they feel as if their partners cannot live up to these standards.

If you’ve found that none of the people you date meet your expectations, it may be that you were not meant to settle down with anyone, and you’ll be happier without a long-term partner.

If you want to avoid being single forever, you may have to lower your standards.

2. You enjoy doing your own thing

Being in a committed relationship means running most major decisions by your significant other. When you are married or in a serious relationship, even seemingly simple choices like going on a weekend trip with friends require a discussion with your partner.

If you are someone who wants to be able to do what you want without considering another person’s feelings or preferences, choosing to be single forever may be the best option.

Chances are you’ll be more content doing your own thing and not having to worry about someone else.

3. You’re happy with life

Many people believe that they need to have a significant other to be happy, but this isn’t always the case. If you feel fulfilled in life, perhaps by your career, hobbies, or friendships, you can be happy being single forever, and there is no reason to force yourself into a relationship.

It may be refreshing to know that valuing autonomy and self-expression is associated with greater happiness levels among single versus partnered people, so if you are destined to be single forever, it may just be that your personality type is suited to the single life.

4. You have no desire to be in a relationship

If you’re single but want to find the love of your life, it can be hard to accept being single forever. On the other hand, if you simply do not long for a relationship, you might be happier choosing to be single forever.

Remember that half of the single people are content with this status.

5. You enjoy your freedom

For some people, being partnered makes them feel tied down as if they have lost their freedom and are missing out on things they’d rather be doing.

If this sounds like you, maybe you will be single forever and be just fine with it.

6. You find happiness in being alone

Some people enjoy their own company. They are confident in themselves and are happiest when they are on their own, enjoying their interests. If you are happier alone, you can probably cope with being single forever.

Research does suggest that society perceives singles as being deviant, especially women. Still, if you are happiest alone, you are probably self-confident enough that negative perceptions simply don’t bother you.

7. You have a wide social circle and feel content with this

Maybe you’re very career-driven, or perhaps you enjoy doing your own thing. In this case, if you have a wide circle of friends, being single forever is probably in line with your desires.

8. You have a lifestyle that is more suited to the single life

Suppose you have a successful career and spend a significant amount of time traveling, or you’re someone who works long hours and has no intentions of cutting back.

In that case, your lifestyle simply might be more suited to being without a partner, so you may have to accept being single forever.

9. You find your life to be fulfilling

It isn’t out of the norm to want a relationship to feel fulfilled, but if you find fulfillment in your friendships, career, and hobbies, being single forever may not be a problem for you. Some people simply don’t need a long-term relationship to be fulfilled.

10. You fear commitment

If you are so fearful of responsibility that you aren’t willing to settle down with a long-term partner, you may have to accept being single forever.

You may push potential partners away if you are not ready to commit, which can lead you to wonder, “Am I destined to be single?”

11. Trust issues rule your life

Trust issues can also get in the way of finding a potential partner. You may be so worried about having your heart broken that you simply feel safer staying single forever. Having trust issues literally makes you want to live alone so that you never get hurt again ever.

12. You never socialize

Whether it is by choice or not, if you never get out and socialize, you don’t have any chances of ever meeting someone. Understand if it’s just a phase where you don’t get time to go out, or is it just you who feels better alone.

If you’re not willing to date, you may feel like you’re meant to be alone.

13. Friendships are more important to you

There is nothing wrong with having close friendships, and in fact, it is healthy to socialize and establish strong connections with others.

That being said, if you are more invested in your friendships than the prospect of finding a life partner, being single forever maybe your destiny.

Typically, in a committed partnership, your significant other comes first. Still, if you aren’t ready to stop prioritizing your closest friends, the single life is probably a better option for you.

14. You still have feelings for your ex

If you haven’t moved on from a past relationship, even after your former significant other has moved on with someone else, the chances are that you will be single forever.

Being so lovesick over a former partner that you cannot move past your broken heart even years down the road will deter you from finding someone new.

15. You hold your emotions in

Love is an emotion, so if you are so emotionally closed off that you cannot express yourself to anyone, you will have a hard time developing a close relationship with a partner. If you are asking yourself, “Am I meant to be single?” consider whether you might tend to avoid sharing your emotions with others.

16. Your self-confidence is low

If your self-esteem is low, you may tell yourself that you don’t deserve a loving relationship. If you are unwilling to change your mindset and see your value, the answer to “Will I always be single?” may, unfortunately, be yes.

17. You’re waiting for a fantasy love story

If you’re stuck on stories of finding your Prince Charming, you are probably going to end up living life alone forever. These stories pull on our heartstrings, but they don’t represent real life. If you’re not willing to accept anything less than fairytale love, you might have to come face-to-face with being forever single.

18. Relationships are all about sex to you

Sex is a vital part of most long-term relationships, but it isn’t the only important aspect. For a relationship to be successful, you have to be committed to each other.

It would be best if you had values and interests in common, as well as an emotional connection. If you only connect with others for sex, you aren’t likely to experience a lasting, healthy relationship.

19. You don’t like the idea of sharing your home with someone else

Eventually, a committed relationship leads to marriage or at least a serious relationship in which you cohabitate with your partner.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to live with someone else and would prefer to keep your space private, this is one of the signs God wants you to be single.

20. You have a negative view of dating

For most people, finding a long-term partner requires going on dates. Some people are not that comfortable with dating, and they believe it’s just a waste of time.

Their perception of dating becomes so negative that they can’t look past the flaws of dating and accept the concept.

If you hate dates and start to think every date will be a bad experience, you will probably be single forever.


There are several signs you may be single forever, which can help you understand why you haven’t found a long-term partner. Some of these reasons are within your control, whereas others may not be.

For example, if you are happier alone, this may just be who you are. On the other hand, if you choose never to socialize or go on dates, or you have too high of standards for potential partners, these are things that you can change, at least to some extent.

If you’re unhappy being single, consider addressing some of the signs herein and making the changes to help you find a suitable partner.

If some or most of these signs sound like you, and you’re perfectly content living life alone forever, there is no guilt in choosing to be unpartnered. Being single forever only has to be a negative thing if you are unhappy.

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