256 Teachers Sue GES

Some 256 teachers have sued the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Attorney General over their mass failure in the December 2021 promotional examinations.

The teachers, who are in the Assistant Director Grade II position, sat for the Assistant Director Grade I promotional exams at the Ada Training College Centre.

James Enu, Counsel for the applicants (teachers), in an interview, said none of the 256 teachers who sat for the exams at that centre passed, adding that, such an occurrence was bizarre.

According to him, even though the applicants petitioned the GES to investigate the issue, they were informed that nothing untoward was found in the circumstances leading to their failure.

He said the applicants, however, believed that the GES did not conduct any investigations into the issue, therefore, he wrote on behalf of his clients to the service to request their scripts and scores, but no response was received to that effect.

He added that it was also worrying that the pass mark for the exams was not disclosed to the candidates before they sat for it but rather, they were informed after the examination that they had all failed the paper.

He said it was based on these that the applicants took legal action against the GES, praying the court to set aside the results of the exam and also to direct GES to furnish the applicants with their exam scores and scripts.

They also prayed the court to place an injunction on the defendant (GES) to prevent them from organizing other exams until the determination of the case.

Oheneba Akyea Mensah, a representative of the teachers, said the issue had affected them psychologically, emotionally and physically, making it difficult for them to properly discharge their duties as teachers.

Mr Mensah noted that during the exams, some of the applicants did not have index numbers and were asked to use their staff numbers, adding that one was also absent while another got involved in an accident but all of them were declared to have failed the exams.

He stressed that they (the teachers) wanted to set a precedence as this was not the first time such incidents have occurred.

Meanwhile, the Tema High Court ‘B’, presided over by Justice Emmanuel Ankamah, has set December 12, 2022, for the movement of the application.

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