3 Ways To Treat Dating Like It’s Your Job

Even if you’re a naturally outgoing person, the dating scene can get you down. Once you’re out of school, most people you see in your day-to-day life are likely roommates and coworkers.

Finding people and organizing the dates themselves takes a surprising amount of effort. In fact, sometimes it can feel like a part-time job.

Truthfully, treating dating like a job can go a long way toward changing how you go about it. Looking for love or companionship is a worthwhile activity that can lead to a great deal of happiness. If it seems like winging the process or waiting for love to find you isn’t working, it’s time to use a different approach. Here are three reasons to be proactive and treat dating like your job.

1. Use Your Time Efficiently

With a job, you typically have a list of responsibilities that you are expected to make time for. Organizing your time at the workplace is vital, and there are a variety of tech tools available to help you do so.

A calendar can sometimes be your most valuable tool. If you’re truly wanting to prioritize meeting someone, block off sections of your calendar to focus on that. Maybe you want to dedicate two evenings a week to social activities that include individuals in your preferred dating pool. Just deciding how often you want to socialize can give you a goal to attain rather than venturing out whenever the mood strikes.

Setting a schedule can also encourage you to look ahead and investigate what activities are available in your area. That way, you can be sure to always have something scheduled ahead of time. For example, if you’re an athletic person and want to find someone with the same interests, look into local sports leagues. Focusing on your interests and frequently placing yourself in proximity to like-minded people can make it much easier to find a suitable partner.

Once you’re ready to organize a date, you can make it easier on yourself by using a meeting scheduler. If you think about putting together a date the same way as organizing a meeting, it makes a lot of sense. You have two or more individuals who need to find an available time slot for a specified period of time. See, that’s all a meeting is!

If you’re trying to put together a double date or a group date, schedulers help avoid back-and-forth communication asking about availability. All invitees can compare calendars through the meeting scheduler and find a time that works for everyone.

2. Create a Good First Impression

While it’s not the most romantic notion in the world, a first date is kind of like a job interview. Both parties are getting to know each other and figuring out if they’d be compatible. Also like a job interview, first impressions are very important.

First of all, you don’t want to show up late to your date. If you do that in an interview, it tells the interviewer you don’t plan ahead and don’t consider the interview to be important. The same applies to your date. Now, you don’t need to show up 15 minutes early with a list of references but be respectful of your date’s time.

Another thing to consider is how open you want to be on a first date. That’s not to say that you should plan on lying or misrepresenting yourself. Rather, you should be aware that opening up with extremely personal or traumatic information can overwhelm someone you’ve just met.

In an interview, it usually doesn’t go over well if you rant endlessly about a terrible former boss. While all your points might be accurate, it could be a red flag for a potential employer. Instead, keep things general but truthful. If asked why you left a job, be honest but tactful. Maybe your prior employer didn’t follow through on a promised raise schedule or promoted unethical workplace practices. Give a short example if requested, but don’t overshare on negative or emotional topics.

Comparing it to dating, you should plan ahead for how in-depth you’re willing to go into certain topics. Maybe you’re very interested in finding a spouse and starting a family quickly. If you’re asked what you’re looking for in a relationship, mention you’re looking for something long-term that includes children. That’s it. By explaining it simply and briefly, you get your point across without overwhelming your date and making them feel pressured.

3. Networking Creates Opportunities for Referrals

In the business world, networking can open up big opportunities. Once you make connections in your field, those individuals can refer business your way. It works the same way with dating.

Sure, there are a variety of dating apps out there that can help people find each other directly. The bad thing about apps is that you’re making choices based on carefully crafted profiles. If you widen your social circle, you’re creating more avenues for date referrals.

Of course, widening your social circle usually means more socialization. But by putting yourself out there and meeting new people, you can build a more extensive friendship network. The great thing about friends is that they usually have a good idea of your personality, goals, and preferences. If a friend introduces you to someone they feel would be a good match, it’ll hopefully be a decent fit. At least compared to an app, there’s a third party who knows and recommends both individuals to each other.

Make Dating a Priority, Not An Afterthought

When you’re an adult, dating takes effort. It’s easy to become tied to a routine that includes work, home responsibilities, and not much else. If dating and potentially finding a partner is important to you, change what isn’t proving effective. By applying workplace techniques and dedication to your dating life, you can make it a priority and find greater success.

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