4 Pros and Cons of Getting Married While Studying at University

Marriage is always a sensitive topic in today’s society. Once, marriage was needed to function within a family sphere, and people were getting married very young.

Times have changed. Every year, fewer millennials are choosing to get married. Such a choice stems from a negative attitude towards marriage. Since religion is less present in young people’s lives, they see marriage as merely a piece of paper and nothing else.

Not everyone adheres to this sort of outlook.

Even today, some people get married as early as while they are studying at university. Couples consider this a hot topic, as they try to decide whether to enter holy matrimony or not.

Marriage during university studies is much more than fidelity and time issues. To help you understand the challenges, we’ve dissected this particular problem. In this article, we’ll bring up you the pros and cons of getting married at this point in your life.

Acting out of fear? Since the university is the strangest period of life for most people, they have serious doubts about getting married.

Turbulent phases pose many questions and dilemmas to people who don’t know where to go with their relationship. It may seem as frightening or overwhelming, marriage isn’t that big of a deal. But why do people choose to get married during university?

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons.

Fear of isolation can be crippling

To chase lower tuition fees or programs they want, students often move thousands of miles.

Settling in a new environment where you don’t know anybody can be pretty scary for most people. In an attempt to prevent themselves from being isolated, they get married to their significant other.

Your partner eases or completely removes the transition. Fear that they won’t find another is another leading cause of student marriage. As sad as this sounds, many marriages at the ages of 19-23 stem from main insecurities.

Due to an overwhelming amount of material to study in their childhood, many children are exposed to stress and tension.

Such atmosphere renders people unable to socialize and find a partner. When they manage to find someone before university, they want to get married in fear that a break will render them alone forever.

Culture and emotions – Still a factor?

Parents’ expectations can push children to make the call.

Even though we live in the 21st century, there are still common traditions present in our society.

Various cultures such as the Indian or the Eastern European, marriage is still considered as a requirement to live a normal life. To avoid disappointing their parents, many students get married hastily to avoid pressure from their households.

John Vermaire, an anthropology expert at EssayOnTime, confirms that tradition-stemming pressure can hurt young people’s lives.

He says, “Oftentimes, in these patriarchal families, children see their parents as the only figures in their lives. They don’t want to disappoint them and get married hastily, wanting both to please themselves and their parents. A decision like that cause chaos in their early 20s.”

They love each other

In this era of flings and casual relationships, it is hard to find people who are together for a long time at the age of 20.

However, there are still some couples who feel the need to validate their love by getting married. Would it be the right decision? Let’s dissect the pros and cons and try to analyze.

Reasons to get married:

1. Tuition-fee waivers can come as a result of marriage

Some states have higher tuition fees for students.

In most cases, they fight to gain citizenship in that state, which involves three requirements – physical presence, an intention to stay and financial independence.

2. Independence is impossible to prove

Marriage is an instant independence confirmation.

In states like California, “Loveless” marriages done to save money have been popular for years. If you wish to save up to $29.000 on out of state tuition fees, you can get married.

3. Having some security is always beneficial

Searching for a partner plagues the lives of many students, and it can take a toll on their mental health and grades.

In this turbulent period of life, it’s pleasant to have someone you can return home to. Being married to your significant other can be the stability you need to fix every other part of your life.

4. Spending time with your best friend is a blessing

If you love someone, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get married,  right? Knowing that you can coexist with someone and prolonging that period brings more fun and joy into your life forever.

But, why not?

Reasons not to get married:

1. It might be too soon

Falling in love can be a dangerous drug in terms of hormones.

Although you may think the person is right for you, you haven’t been through everything together, and you might want to wait.

Think about your feelings and try to see yourselves together in five years.

2. Distractions can be costly

Studies are challenging and require a lot of dedication.

Realizing that you’ve married a wrong person and that everything is falling apart can take a toll on your education.

People drop out of college and develop substance abuse problems due to unstable marriages.

3. You might want to have fun

Just because your friend from high school is married to his sweetheart, doesn’t mean you should follow suit.

Marriage requires a more peaceful life, and not everyone is the type for that. Frustration can ensue if you realize you’ve trapped yourself.

4. A need for personal space shouldn’t be disregarded

Many students prefer to remain single in their college as they have to work, study, and have many errands during the day. Sometimes, they need peace in the most hectic period of life.

Having always to be next to someone can be unpleasant and make things worse.

Do not jeopardize education for financial, legal, and emotional favors

College students have begun to use marriage as a tool to exploit legal loopholes and get tuition-fee waivers.

While it may be fun to get married to the love of your life, you are risking jeopardizing education.

If he or she is the one, they won’t mind not getting married and having a bit of independence during college. If they insist on getting married, you disagree and aren’t made for each other.

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