400,000 individuals in lockdown areas to receive food packages and hot meals – Akufo-Addo

Plans are underway to ensure dry food packages and hot meals are made available to Ghanaians in vulnerable communities affected by the country’s partial lockdown.

President Akufo-Addo, in his fifth address to Ghanaians, announced that 400,000 individuals in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Kasoa were to benefit from the social intervention programme.

The government’s intervention comes in the wake of concerns that some of the country’s vulnerable people are struggling to fend for themselves as a result of the lockdown.

“The Ministries of Gender, Children and Social Protection and Local Government and Rural Development, and the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), working with MMDCEs and the faith-based organisations, have begun to provide food for up to 400,000 individuals and homes in the affected areas of the restrictions.

“This begun in Accra today and will begin in Kumasi tomorrow, he indicated.

  1. Anonymous says

    Pls the Lockdown has seriously deal with us negatively,we please for the share of the food items,we are residing at Accra Mallam to be precised

  2. Matthew Nana Eshun says

    We are in Tema the food prices are very high

  3. Anonymous says

    Closure of Churches & Lockdown of parts or all of A country
    to close down a church for any reason means
    1. to stop God’s corporate praise from reaching Him, when the Bible says God blesses those that praise Him Ps 67:5,6
    2.To institutionalise the violation of of Heb 10:25
    3.To forbid the teaching of God’s word, especially to illiterates who dont know how to use smartphones and computers
    4.To stop pastors from laying on of hands as Christ indicated believers would do Mark 16:17

    Leaders of Nations should be afraid to order closing of churches, because of future repercussions meted out to them and their decendants.

    Shortly before our President told churches to stop meeting,
    1. my church gave gifts of charity to the very poor members on sunday and thursday
    2.Many instrumentalists and church workers received stipends
    3. A young lady who had gotten paralysed and blind after eating was rushed to the church in a taxi and later was carried by her brother to the meeting while her mother shouted “help me, please help me, save my daughter”. She got healed after we prayed within seven minutes and walked home ( a call to her 30 minutes later showed she was still perfectly well).
    This and many other beautiful testimonies is what the President of Ghana shut down when He stopped churches from meeting and sent millitary and other security personnel to go after its leadership to enforce it. To the President, It appears that beyond seeing a congregating of a people together, He doesn’t see any of the benefits of Church. This is a shame. Obviously you cannot rule well, a people you don’t know or understand. No wonder, the President has effectively added the congregating of the Church to the “non essential items” list. Hmmm.
    I have heard the argument of “charlatan” pastors and their disorderly conducts being the basis of this strange action by the President. A study of the record in South Korea where it says that a pastor fostered the spread of the virus, would reveal that that church is a secretive cult whose leader claims to be Jesus Christ. That’s not a church; and if the activity of a few charlatans can serve as a basis of a general decision by a President, then why does he keep money in circulation, while there are a few counterfeits also in circulation? And why does he keep doctors and nurses sponsored and operational, while there is the existence of a few quack ones?
    My church took a loan from a bank to solve a serious problem caused by dumsor during the dumsor disaster of the previous govt. The church still pays thousands of cedis every month to the bank as loan repayment. The system the church runs is such that the pastors impact the lives of the people by solving their otherwise unsolvable problems in church meetings, and then when the people are thus blessed, they give, so leadership is able to repay the loan. Who’s going to repay the loan now – our church is ninety per cent illiterate, and cannot benefit from online services. Its not every church that is rich.
    Morever, I know that Jesus has employed so many pastors through the over 100,000 churches that have been closed (all sort of non governmental organisations). These pastors do not go the govt for money to take care of themselves and their own. Now that they have closed, who will pay them? Does the President not care about this? His closurevof the churches and others is a remedy that says in effect: “My childrenI want you well, so be hungry”, or “It is better for you to die of hunger than corona virus”. This, obviously, effectively replaces one problem with another. It’s not a balanced approach to solutions.
    An impression is being created that if a person goes out to get so called “essential stuff”, the corona virus would step aside and say,”hey, here goes a person looking for essential stuff so let’s not attack them”. I believe that this is not correct. I believe so called non essential stuff and essential stuff do not make any difference to the corona virus. One can therefore go for both essential and non essential stuff if they take good care of themselves. The solution to the HIV pandemic was not only abstinence from sex; people protected themselves before the act, made sure they knew the positive good HIV status of their partner and fired away or married them. As it is right now, many weddings and so many occasions , having been rendered non essential, have been posponed to the loss and lock up of thousands of cedis and dollars, and we clap our hands to such a solution as if there’s no other solution when we think. Now what is happening is that people in the so called essential businesses like food vendors and drugstores are permitted to save rapidly while the rest of us in the bottom of the private sector, spend or savings on them. Is that just? Of course no.
    indeed the lockdown is like what pertains in a classroom where a teacher,lacking ideas and is stressed, forces pupils to sit and place their heads on their tables just so the teacher can rest or think;when this prolongs, the pupils however wonder whether they came to school to sleep or to learn. The smart teacher on the other hand permits the pupils to sit up and be normal while he manages them, and makes progress.
    How do frontline nurses, doctors, journalists survive day by day? Can’t every school, church organisation survive by the same means or similar means?
    A word to the wise is enough. I still think President Akuffo Addo whom I voted for is still the best among those standing for election; but I think dear President can do better in this crisis. PSP

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