5 costly mistakes couples make on their wedding day

These are mistakes a couple must avoid on their wedding day.

A wedding day is a very sacred and important day. It’s a day a couple will remember for the rest of their lives; that’s why planning is crucial and execution needs to be perfect.

The first mistake is not having a wedding planner to reduce the stress and pressure of that day. However, on that day, unavoidable mistakes are made, so couples need to watch out.

The bride’s makeup plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics of the wedding party. To guarantee a perfect look on the wedding day, it’s important to test your chosen makeup artist beforehand. Consider scheduling a trial run for another event and seeing firsthand how the makeup is done.

Be prepared for minor mishaps! Having a sewing kit readily available from your designer can address any last-minute wardrobe malfunctions like rips or tears. Additionally, choose appropriate undergarments that don’t show through your wedding dress—avoid dark colours under a white gown for a seamless look.

If it’s a Christian wedding, picture all your guests waiting for you and your partner, and then it suddenly occurs to you both that you do not have the ring or the bible needed to join you in holy matrimony. Will you now improvise with any ring you see? One thing you have to check and recheck for is the wedding ring. There’s no wedding without it.

Wedding photography is important [Fashionpolice]

Before you do anything that will make you sweaty and stressed, take enough pictures and make videos. In fact, once the bride’s makeup is done, the next thing should be getting pictures and videos. Don’t be rushed. Let everyone wait until you are done. You need these memories captured for the rest of your lives.

You might be tempted to invite everyone you know, but this would only increase the cost of the wedding or reduce the cost of important things you need for the wedding. Remember you’ll be paying for each person’s food and drink; you should limit the number of people on your guest list to ensure a reasonable expenditure. Enforce this by giving everyone a personal invite and ensuring only those with it can attend the wedding; no plus one allowed.

Budget properly for food and drinks. No one likes to go to a wedding just to watch. People love to eat and drink to their hearts’ content. They left their homes in the morning to watch you get married, so they’ll definitely be hungry by noon. It’s your responsibility to feed them; that’s why it’s important not to invite too many people.

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