5 Easy Hacks To Do The Perfect Smokey Eye

Everyone knows about the classic smokey eye – the blending of different coloured eyeshadows on the eyelid, with a darker colour, a transition shade and a pop of glitter.

However, the smokey eye has a darning reputation; it’s not the easiest eyeshadow look to pull off, and oftentimes, when applied incorrectly, people may end up panda eyes.

But fear not – there are actually some hacks to perfect the look. Want to know some? Here are five hacks:

1. Use a gel liner. 

This hack is incredibly simple. You can first begin by purchasing any kind of gel liner, even from the drugstore. You’ll then apply the liner close to your lash line and layer it twice. After, you can take your brush and blend the harsh edges of the liner with a nude-coloured eyeshadow. You’ll have a smokey eye in no time.

2. Opt for a dark brown shade instead of a black shade

If you’re afraid of being way too heavy-handed, perhaps apply a dark-brown shade over a black shade. This way, you won’t end up with racoon panda eyes. And you’ll perhaps have a much easier time blending the shade with the other colours as well.

3. Make sure to add dark colours to the lower lash line. 

You ideally want to create some balance or harmony between the upper lid and the lower lash line. If you want to create a dramatic effect, be sure to add eyeliner or dark eyeshadow near your lower lash line as well. Feel free to smoke it out with other colours too.

4. If you mess up the eyeshadow, be sure to add a lot of mascara and add more eyeliner near your lash line. 

There are always ways to fix a messy eyeshadow look; the best thing about the smokey eye is that the look in itself does not have to be clean. In fact, the messier it is, the more dramatic it can arguably be. To create more drama, add some eyeliner or dark eyeshadow near your lash line. Then, top it off with more coats of mascara.

5. Experiment with different colours of the crease. 

Your lighter shade, or your crease shade, does not always have to be a neutral or an earthy tone. In fact, you can make it more dramatic by adding some pink or purple hues. Feel free to experiment with different shades and looks, and see which one suits you the best.

Although a smokey eye may seem difficult to do at first, it is actually way simpler than it’s perceived. All you need is a blending brush, an eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner, and some creativity. You can then perfect the ideal smokey eye and perhaps, create your own look for a party or an event. Which one of these hacks is your favourite? Feel free to take some photos and let us know in the comments below.

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