Despite Their Great Acting Prowess

5 Flaws In Contemporary Ghanaian Movies

  1. Actors in scenes staged in households, either within the interiors or the exteriors of the building, are always paraded facing the camera. A deficiency that exposes the use of just one camera at sceneries.
  2. Movies tend to be acted in only rooms, and the interiors of buildings, sparingly advertising outside open-air locations. This makes movies no less than studio drama.
  3.  The use of very young persons to play the roles of older persons is wrong. Kumawood’s Lil Win is the only exception to this fundamental flaw as he is really made to look like an old man with appropriate mannerisms.
  4.  Controversy is a technique for plot development and for creating suspense in movies. These are overused in contemporary Ghanaian movies as arguments dominate from start to finish. So loud are exchanges in conflict situations that viewers always have to reduce volumes on their sets and gadgets.
  5. These days some of the youth are becoming rich and flaunting their wealth. So that exists in the natural sense, but the tendency to depict very young persons in extraordinary flamboyance does not fit into Ghanaian culture where society expects wealth to be fetched after some hard work over a long period of time. Only the film plot can explain this cultural mismatch, but sometimes it is about the message for a target audience.
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