5 meals Nigerian and Ghanaians have in common

Jollof wars are not enough, do you know how many other food wars we could be having?

It’s interesting that even though Nigerian and Ghanaians are not border countries, they have quite a lot in common, especially food. Yes, they engaged in friendly Jollof wars now and then but do have many meals in common.

Jollof rice

There is no way we are going to start this list without mentioning the jollof rice we all know and love. Originally from Senegal, but currently enjoyed to the fullest by Ghanaians and Nigerians.

Palm nut Soup/Banga soup

This soup is made from palm fruits in Ghana. In Nigeria, some add starch in preparing this delicacy, which is popular in the Southern and South-East parts of Nigeria.

Egusi soup

We bet many Nigerians think they are the owners of Egusi soup, but Ghanaians have their version, and it is called ‘agushi’, it is made of the same melon seeds and palm oil.

Rice and stew

Both Nigerians and Ghanaians love their rice and stew (made from tomatoes and pepper). Though Ghanaians are known for soaking boiled eggs in theirs.


Doesn’t matter if you love fufu or not, both Nigerians and Ghanaians eat a lot of it. It is made from cassava and plantain in Ghana and eaten with different soups whilst Nigerians make it with fermented cassava. In Ghana, it is called ‘fufuo’.


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