You can make this easy tuna salad in 5 minutes using five ingredients and it’s so good! It’s creamy, it’s salty, it’s umami…It’s just delicious and one of the best salads you can make with canned tuna. You can serve the tuna salad on lettuce leaves for a low-carb option or on some toasted bread of choice for a more filling option. That will make the tastiest, quickest easy lunch idea.

This is a very simple tuna salad recipe without mayo or celery and it stores well in the fridge for about 3 days.

You’ll love this, because it:

  • tastes amazing
  • is ready in 5 minutes
  • is made with pretty affordable ingredients
  • makes the most satisfying lunch
  • has only five ingredients
  • is pretty versatile (you can add to it whatever you want!)

Easy tuna salad in 5 minutes with five ingredients! So good, one of the best salads you can make with canned tuna. Very simple tuna salad recipe without mayo or celery, serve on toasted bread for the best easy lunch idea!


  • Canned tuna. Use tuna canned in its own brine for a more low-calorie option.
  • Capers.  They add saltiness and tanginess to the recipe. However, if you don’t love capers, you can use pickles or pickled jalapenos to achieve similar results.
  • Cream cheese.  But, if you don’t want to use cream cheese, you can use sour cream or creme fraiche instead. That’s what I’ve used often in the past. Greek yogurt might also work for a healthier version, but you will probably need to add something extra to the salad.
  • Scallions. Or onions. Lots of them. Thinly chopped. No tuna salad is complete without some onions.
  • Chopped dill or cilantro. (Herbs)

And of course, finish it off with black pepper and some salt if needed.


I could just write it in one word: Mix. But, let’s make it more clear:

  • chop scallions and cilantro (or dill) very thinly
  • drain tuna and capers
  • add all ingredients to a bowl
  • mix until well combined

And there you go, your lunch is ready!



Since I live in Nostalgia, I chopped a long narrow tea bread(You can use any bread according to your preference) in small slices, toasted those in a pan on the stove on each side for 2-3 minutes. Then put the tuna salad on top and serve

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