5 Style Types And What They Say About Your Personality

Clothing is a statement about who you are. After all, fashion is about expression. What we choose to put on every day is an extension of ourselves. How we present ourselves can be a reflection of how we see ourselves, and it sends the world a clear message about who we are.

You don’t need to be a Fashion Week regular to understand that clothing is a powerful projection of your self-image.

Here’s what your style says about you:

A Splash of Color

Color influences our moods. Neutral Earth tones give us a sense of safety and security. Bright, bold colors give us a little extra edge — making us feel alive and ready to conquer. While it’s true that the meaning of each color can be subjective, there are also some universal truths about the power of color.

Black is chic and sophisticated. It can be commanding and authoritative. Best of all, though, black is flattering. There’s a reason why every woman has a little black dress!

Other colors are just as powerful. Red is passionate and vibrant, and it’ll make you the center of attention. Blue is soothing and peaceful, and it’s perfect for giving your look a breezy, relaxed vibe. Shades of gray stand starkly against dramatic colors. Yellow is cheery and perfect for spring and summer. Green tones are refreshing and natural.

Introducing color doesn’t have to mean a total wardrobe overhaul. You can add small pops of color with bright clothing and colorful accessories. Not all your pieces should be the same color, but when you find your color, you’ll definitely know.

The Classics

Some clothing staples stand the test of time and always look classic. Blazers, pumps, strings of pearls, and well-fitted suits, work because they always have. A classic outfit transcends age, body type, and function. It’s versatile, and it looks good regardless of who you are and where you are.

Preppy Pieces

Imagine walking around an Ivy League college campus. What do you picture? Do you immediately think of sweater vests, crisp collars, and Chinos? If Cher from Clueless would sport your outfit, you’re nailing the preppy look.

Embrace cable knits and pleated skirts because prep school style is making a comeback in 2022! This look is clean, classy, and modest with a flirty touch. Plus, the preppy looks shows that you’re serious about everything you achieve.

Casual Comfort

The casual look is the perfect blend of practical, modern, and stylish. Layered looks, oversized clothing, and athleisure pieces are trendy without trying too hard. If your go-to style is casual, you’re probably as easygoing as the threads you wear.

Streetwear Style

Casual streetwear is laid-back but trendy. Athletes and musicians made this style subculture popular, and its appeal grows by the day. Streetwear shows that you have status or want to have influence in the world. If you like streetwear, you’re bold and fashion-forward, and you definitely have a personal aesthetic.

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