5 terrible things alcohol does to your body

You should watch your alcohol intake.

Moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial to the body, but the body is harmed by excess alcohol.

Here are some side effects of excess alcohol.

It makes white blood cells which are responsible for fighting off diseases slow and not work optimally and this makes one susceptible to different illnesses.

Alcohol affects the bacteria in our intestines that are responsible for breaking down food.

Excess alcohol intake leads to many digestive issues like acid reflux, stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, gum disease and tooth decay, gastritis, and other kinds of digestive issues.

Continued excessive drinking can cause the frontal lobes in the brain to shrink.

A drunk person’s speech is usually slurred. Sometimes, he has blackouts and can’t remember anything.

Alcohol abuse can cause erectile dysfunction in men and affects the production of some hormones in women which ultimately leads to fertility issues.

Excess alcohol causes the pancreas to stop insulin production and harmful substances that affect the liver to be produced. It also prevents the liver from breaking down harmful substances in the body, and this causes hepatitis, jaundice, and cirrhosis.

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