5 Ways To Remain Active As The Weather Gets Colder

We all tend to slow down as the weather gets colder. From an evolutionary perspective, this behaviour makes sense. Your ancestors had to conserve energy to stay warm and stretch limited food supplies all winter.

However, most modern humans don’t face the same problems. So, becoming too sedentary over the winter can lead to weight gain and metabolic diseases. Your health counts on you to keep moving, but it’s difficult when three feet of snow coat your favourite running trail. So, to help you, here are five ways to remain active as the weather gets colder.

1. Try a group fitness class

Even if you live to run during the summer months, that’s not your only exercise option. For instance, cross-training can add variety and spice to your routine, helping you blast through plateaus.

Many gyms offer unlimited classes with membership — try HIIT one day, then cardio-kickboxing or spin the next. Some even include video streaming you can do at home when the weather’s too lousy to drive.

What if a gym membership isn’t in your budget? YouTube is a glorious resource. Finding instructors you love might take some time, but you can get quality fitness programming and stream for free in your living room.

2. Take up indoor walking

Does the idea of putting on your boots and having the wind freeze your eyelashes before you’ve gone a block turn you away from outdoor exercise? If so, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you have indoor options.

If a treadmill bores you to tears, try walking at the nearest mall. Can’t resist the urge to shop? Many community colleges and universities also have indoor tracks you can use with permission.

3. Put on your boogie shoes

Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise. Best of all, it may protect your brain better than other forms of exercise by preventing dementia, as stated by a 2016 study.

You have dozens of styles to choose from, from Zumba to ballroom. What’s more, for the ultimate self-expression, you can give ecstatic dancing a try. You’ll move your body through a blend of high- and low-intensity movements while improving your coordination and relieving nervous system tension.

4. Get tough

The female sex has always needed to know self-defence. This skill is sadly more vital than ever, given the backward slide of women’s rights in America.

Luckily, you can get a great workout practising Krav Maga, Shotokan, or any other form of martial arts. This type of exercise is also wonderful for your physique — for instance, kicking and punching tones your arms and legs.

Seek a studio where the instructors use padded outfits during training to let you test the limits of your strength without actually hurting anyone.

5. Practice yoga at home

Yoga is the ultimate mind-body exercise. It’s also excellent on lazy, snowbound days when your blankets seem like the best place to be. In addition, you can perform many moves right in your bed, making this exercise the ideal way to wake up slowly or ease yourself into sleep.

Better yet, yoga could be the cure for what ails you. For example, it’s fabulous for people with degenerative disk disease, fibromyalgia, and various forms of arthritis.

It’s also non-impact, meaning there’s no jumping or jarring on your joints — even Ashtanga allows for step-backs instead of hops to get into plank position. Gentler forms like yin and restorative act as a therapy to stretch achy muscles and connective tissues.

It’s natural to want to hibernate as the weather gets colder. You aren’t lazy — you’re doing what evolution guided you toward to ensure your survival.

However, most modern humans don’t have to conserve energy to stay warm or stretch their food supply. Plus, physical inactivity increases your health risk. So, why not adopt one of the above five ways to remain active as the weather gets colder? Your body will thank you.

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