5 ways to take it slow when you’re dating someone new: Therapist shares relationship tips

From limiting the number of dates to asking ourselves if the relationship is worth pursuing, here are a few tips to follow.

In any relationship, the initial phase is the most exciting. When we start to date someone new, the sparks fly and there is a tendency to get attached too fast.

However, that can be detrimental if things do not work out properly. “While slowing down can be tough, here are a few practical ways that you can stop your foot from being able to reach the gas pedal as easily,” wrote Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders as she shared a few tips on how we can take things slow with someone new.

We should not stay in constant touch with other person as this can lead to attachment too fast. We should limit our communication with them.

Especially for the ones who get attached too quickly when they spend time with the other person, it is important to limit the number of dates.

We should not start fantasizing a future with them right away. Instead, we should try to understand the person and see if we are compatible with them.

We should constantly keep asking ourselves if the relationship is worth pursuing – this will help us to clarify the things that we have doubts about.

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