51% of Ghanaians unaware about upcoming Decemeber 17 referendum – CDD

Source The Ghana Report/Sefanam Agbobli

The latest Afrobarometer report from the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) has revealed 51% of Ghanaians are unaware of the upcoming referendum.

This comes barely a month to the elections, which will either see the amendment of the laws to enable political parties to interfere in local level elections.

A total of two thousand four hundred (2,400) respondents were interviewed across the country.

According to the report from the CDD, although a majority number of its respondents agreed to vote, there is little education about the December 17 exercise.

The December, 17, 2019 exercise will see Ghanaians go to the polls to answer a “YES” or “NO” question as to whether the law should be changed to enable MMDCEs to be elected on partisan lines or not.

Already, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has raised concerns about the seeming misinformation about the referendum.

Executive Director for the Institute of Democratic Governance, Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey has been campaigning for a “YES” vote arguing it will harness development at the local level.

Former EC Boss, Dr. Afari Gyan and President Akufo-Addo have also joined in the call for a “YES” vote.

But some persons are campaigning for a “NO” vote. One of such is Legal Practitioner, Sampson Lardi Anyenini.

He says a “YES” vote will only deepen the political divisiveness in the country.

“Let’s not allow the entrenchment of this recklessness that has made the benefit of democracy elude us. What do we see in parliament? the impunity and the reckless that has not benefited us over the years. So let’s go and vote ‘no’ to show them that we have had enough of the unproductive system” he argued.

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