7 Thoughtful Gifts For Every Type Of Man In Your Life

Are you looking for birthday or holiday gifts for one of the men in your life? If you’re stumped on what to buy him, there’s no need to worry.

Here are seven great gifts for men with every type of interest:

1. For The Marathoner: Personalized Water Bottle

If you know a man who marathons, you know how important it is to stay hydrated. Surprise him with a personalized water bottle featuring maps of his marathon routes! This type of water bottle is available online and is handy for long training sessions and the days of his running events.

2. For The Hunter: Duck Decoy

If your favourite guy likes duck hunting, he’ll love these Frank Mccauley decoys. These decoys feature high-grade cork and cedar, which make them look extremely realistic. He’ll love hunting with his brand-new duck decoy!

3. For The Resident Bartender: Hanging Cocktail Bar

Does the man in your life love mixing drinks and showing off his bartending skills? If so, he’d love a hanging cocktail bar! Gift him a wooden cocktail bar with a fold-down shelf feature. This way, he can display all of his bottles!

4. For The Techie: Smartphone Sanitizer

Right now, it’s especially important that we remove germs from our phones. So if your favourite guy is obsessed with keeping his smartphone squeaky clean, gift him some smartphone sanitiser! Some sanitisers even use ultraviolet lights to kill nasty bacteria and viruses, so if he’s a techie, he’ll find that type of sanitiser intriguing!

5. For The Smoker: Pipe Lighter

If the man you love smokes, he’ll love one of the best cigar lighters on the market! With a stylish new cigar lighter, he can smoke his favourite cigars whenever and wherever he wants.

6. For The Businessman: Necktie Travel Roll

Does your favourite guy attend a lot of work conferences? If he does, this Necktie Travel Roll is perfect for him! The roll has a cylindrical design that can stow up to three neckties and keep them wrinkle-free. Now he’ll always look fresh for his out-of-town work events!

7. For The Game-Lover: Yard Dice

If the man in your life loves outdoor games, he’ll enjoy playing with this set of yard dice! Hand-crafted using hard pine wood, these huge dice are great for all kinds of outdoor games. He’s sure to have tons of fun coming up with new games to play!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for one of the men in your life, there’s no need to fear. These seven items make great gifts for men who love all different types of activities!


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