71-yr old Ghanaian nanny arrested in US for child abuse

A 71-year-old Ghanaian woman based in the US who was hired to take care of a baby in Bronx has been charged with physically abusing the infant.

Abena Yeboah was captured on a nanny camera repeatedly kicking and violently hitting the little boy while she was trying to fix a diaper on him.

In the amateur video which has since gone viral, the infant was seen crying uncontrollably as his care-giver turned abuser continued to physically assault him.

His loud cries, however, did not deter the 71-year-old nanny from abusing him.

On Wednesday, police in Bronx received information that Abena Yeboah had been seen abusing the infant.

Police called in a county’s Special Victims Unit, and she was charged with one count of Title 9 child abuse, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

“During her time as a nanny for the family, she was observed on a nanny camera physically abusing the child by hitting, kicking, and yanking the child by the arm,” Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella said in a statement announcing the arrest.

New Jersey’s Title 9 child abuse statute makes it a fourth-degree crime to inflict “unnecessarily severe corporal punishment” or “unnecessary suffering or pain, either mental or physical,” on a child. People convicted of a fourth-degree crime face up to 18 months in prison.

The police issued a warrant for Madam Yeboah, and she was arrested in the Bronx. She was taken into custody and is awaiting an extradition hearing, the county prosecutor, Musella, has said.

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