90% of films produced today are substandard – David Dontoh

Actor David Dontoh

Veteran actor, David Dontoh, is worried about the kinds of films producers churn into the Ghanaian Movie Industry.

According to him, “about 90% of films produced today are not qualified to be called films”

The actor, in an interview on Citi TV monitored by theghanareport.com, attributed the ‘rot’ in the movie industry to poor scripts and substandard productions.

“In this industry, whatever you do, you have to script. Even if it is a dance, you have to script its presentation, and especially with drama, the script plays a major role” he explained.

He said a lack of appreciation for the creative arts was a major contributory factor to the problem.

“Perhaps in Ghana, nobody can live on writing as a profession and live comfortably.  It’s sad because you cannot develop this industry and overlook scriptwriting because that is where everything starts from…. we are not writing good scripts at all, which is very bad “he said

According to the ‘Agoro’ presenter, apart from the fact that scriptwriters were sloppy with their job, a lot of the ‘latter-day’ actors have not perfected their act.

“Yes, there are some that have the raw talent, but the talent is talent, and it is not enough, you need to polish it into a skill which a lot of our actors lack.”

“My father stopped talking to me for two years because I decided to act and to enrol in a film school” he added.

He insisted that glamour did not make a good movie.





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