A Letter to Prof John Evans Attah Mills

Dear Professor Mill,

It has been exactly a decade since you left us to join your Maker. Words, they say, are not enough to describe the void you left in our hearts.

Even though, the pain of your passing is still fresh in hearts, we are thankful to God for gifting you to us for the period you lived on earth.

Unlike others, you did not WILL Ghana’s richness to your family when you controlled Ghana’s purse. That is why your passing has left behind a trail of surprise and genuine hope that it’s possible for one to be a politician and not be corrupt.

What has changed since your departure, of course, so dramatically, decisively, is the fierce precision with which your successors loot from the national kitty with reckless abandon.

The economy you left behind with an economic growth rate of 14 percent (the highest in our nation’s history) in 2011 is crumbling on its knees, completely fractured beyond the surgical abilities of the WaleWale Adam Smith and his cohorts in government.

Ghanaians have realised, rather too late that, the promised economic Messiah is nothing but the proverbial caged parrot – boasting, blathering and blaming everyone but himself.

The level of economic decay and hopelessly Ghanaians have been plunged into is beyond my skill to capture.

Despite this gloomy affairs, we refuse to break under the heavy load of our economic misery, the example you left behind continue to spark a renewed flame of HOPE and deep sense of pride that one day we’ll have another leader who encompasses your graceful empathy and love for humanity.

May you continue to rest in peace Asomdwehene!

Writer: Abdul-Karim Mohammed Awaf,


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