“A Star Don’t Need Light From Another Star To Be Seen”- Eno Barony

Source The Ghana Report

Ghanaian famous female rapper Eno Barony has advised musicians to always record their full songs before requesting collaboration from another artiste.

Eno speaking in relation to what recently happened between the two renowned Ghanaian musicians Samini and Sarkodie wrote on her Twitter page that “a Star doesn’t need light from another Star to be seen”.

Samini shared on his Twitter page on Monday, January 23, 2023, how Sarkodie disappointed him when he needed his support for a collaboration on his ‘Burning’ EP.

Samini claimed not once but Sarkodie has turned down his request several times and he pledged not to collaborate with him again due to his hypocrisy and arrogance.

Eno Barony who deemed the two musicians as stars in an indirect speech said a star does not need another star to be seen therefore henceforth, every artiste should record their own full songs before seeking another artiste for collaboration to avoid embarrassment.

Moreover, he admonished artists to release their songs as a solo if no artiste is interested to collaborate with them in their work.

On her Twitter page she wrote, “Always record a full song even if you wish to collaborate with another artist. When they refuse to do it, you drop it solo”.

Eno Barony is one of the cherished female rappers in Ghana and in the diaspora. She is the first female rapper in Ghana to hit one million views on YouTube. She released her debut single, “Wats Ma Name” and also “Tonga”, the remix of the track “Tonga” by Joey B ft Sarkodie in 2014 that which made her very famous.

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