Abandoned baby rescued from toilet at Acherensua

Source The Ghana Report

An unknown person has abandoned a baby in the toilet of the Acherensua Health Centre in the Ahafo Region.

According to a midwife at the facility, Mercy Sackey,  a mother who took her sick child to the toilet facility noticed something inside the toilet pit.

Upon closer inspection, she realized it was a baby and reported it to the health workers.

Mercy Sackey stated that the health workers rushed to the scene and found a baby boy wrapped and placed inside the toilet.

They called the police, who assisted them in rescuing the baby.

Fortunately, the baby was alive, so they cleaned him and rushed him to the  Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Hwidiem for the necessary treatment.

In a similar incident, a newborn baby was discovered alive in a forest in Kososan, located in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District in the Central Region.

According to the eyewitness who found the infant, she heard a baby wailing during a downpour while she was on her farm with her daughter.

She said she followed the sound of the cry and discovered the newborn in a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag containing some clothes.

The woman said she quickly informed the chief of the area and some residents who quickly joined to rescue the baby.

They rushed the baby to the Ekwamasi Clinic for assessment and treatment.

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Also, on May 7, 2024, a newborn was abandoned in front of the Banana Inn–Mango Down branch of the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) Church near Dansoman.

The baby, who appeared to have been born a few minutes before his discovery, had his umbilical cord intact.

However, whether he was delivered at the scene or brought and dumped there was uncertain.

He was wrapped in a black apron and laid on the bare floor of the main church gate.

Some neighbours who discovered the child took him to the Dansoman District Police Station to officially report the incident.


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