Absa wants its logo removed from ‘Attaa Adwoa’ video

Source The Ghana Report/ Dave Alamisi

Barclays Bank, now Absa Bank, wants its logo removed from a viral music video titled ‘Ataa Adwoa’

In an instruction to producers of the video, the bank said it did not authorize the use of its logo.

Upcoming artist Bosom P-Yung released the original ‘Attaa Adwoa’ track in the New Year.

However, Kumawood actor, Lil Win, has done a remix of the song and released a music video which features the Absa Bank logo on the bottom right of the video frame.

Some social media commentators have suggested that Absa Bank sponsored Lil Win’s rendition, a development which has forced the bank to respond.

Musician and critic Kwame A-Plus took to social media to condemn Barclays for their alleged role to ride on the popularity of the song through Lil Win despite the plagiarism.

He described the action as “shameful” and called on the bank to do the right thing.


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When you are trying to make it nobody sees your struggle. Nobody will be there to help you. Nobody will cry with you. Immediately you make it, companies and individuals will find ways to take advantage of you. If you complain they say you are controversial or arrogant. Yeah, as for me, per the Ghanaian definition of arrogance, I’m very very arrogant. I won’t allow you to cheat or take advantage of me. Don’t think of it. This is shameful Barclays Bank. @bosom_pyung is a young poor boy who has hustled to make it. This guy has gone through a lot. If you find his song important in your change from Barclays Bank to Absa, at least sit down with the guy and pay him. Can you do this in South Africa where you came from to take over Barclays Bank? I know you’ll say you don’t know anything about it. That is the plan. “Let Lilwin do a video with the song. We will pretend we don’t no anything about it. It will go viral. We will advertise our bank for free.” Thats my suspicion. The sad part is that, they did it with the help of fellow Ghanaians. Same as slavery. No white man went to capture blacks. It was black people who sold black people to the white man. This is totally unfair. This is morally wrong. I won’t say legally wrong because like I stated, if he goes to court you’ll say you don’t know anything about it. That is the trick. Don’t treat Ghanaian artist like this. @asamoah_gyan3 and @michaelessien, this is why “we don’t have celebrities in Ghana.” Our people don’t get paid for their creativity. We must all fight against such unfair treatments. You don’t respect us. You are taking over all Barclays Banks in Africa. Can you do this in Nigeria with Davido or Wiskid’s song? You may read this and ignore but my next post will wake you up. Watch me.

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The development also triggered a response from Bosom P-Yung who described the move by Barclays as “unfair”.

This has compelled the bank to issue a disclaimer on the use of its logo.

Barclays Bank Ghana which officially changes its name to Absa Bank Ghana Limited on February 10, 2020, said in a statement on Thursday: “We have instructed those involved to, with immediate effect, remove the Absa logo from the video. We have further instructed them to desist from the use of the Absa logo as well as further sharing of the said video”.

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