ACP Agordzo writes: Home at last

After spending almost four months in the custody of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), ACP Dr. Agordzo yesterday reunited with his family.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police took to his Facebook page to show appreciation for the love and support shown him especially since his arrest was surrounded by a lot of controversies.

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Dear colleagues and friends, just to inform you that I’m finally home reunited with my family after almost three months incarceration at BNI, Ministries Police cells and IGP’s custody.

It’s been a whole world of experience and I like to thank God for bringing me this far; my counsel and his team for standing by me with their knowledge and skills in law practice; and those of you who believed in me and supported me in various ways. My special thanks go to my wife, family and the Chiefs and people of Vakpo for their massive support. I appreciate you all.

I was particularly strengthened by the fact that even thousands who had never set eyes on me believed that I couldn’t have done what I was being accused of. These sentiments were expressed in various social media platforms.

*For the millions who silently went on their knees regularly to intervene for me, God richly bless you. Your prayers were not in vain. I know you’ll continue to remember me in your prayers. The Lord of hosts is on our side and it’s not over until it’s over.

I like to assure those who have believed in me that I believe in democratic values such as rule of law, human rights & constitutional rule. These are the things that drive the passion in me.

Having spent about 6 years of my life in peace keeping missions in Sudan, Somalia and Haiti and witnessed how conflicts have ravaged those counties, I will be the last person to do anything to derail the strides we’ve made in democratic development.

Be assured that I love my country so dearly I can never ever do anything to disturb the relative peace we enjoy in Ghana.

This is what I stand for and I’ll never exchange this for anything else

Thank you one more time and God bless. Still counting on your prayers.

Source The Ghana Report

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