Agbogbloshie onion market redevelopment in limbo after years of demolition

The redevelopment of Accra’s old Agbogbloshie onion market years after demolition is still in limbo.

The demolition of Accra’s old Agbogbloshie onion market was aimed at transforming the e-waste site, but years later, challenges continue to persist for traders and redevelopment efforts, casting doubts on the project’s success.

The old Agbogbloshie onion market or scrapyard is an infamous site that has attracted a lot of names such as “Africa’s e-waste nightmare”, “a digital dumping ground”, and “one of the ten most polluted places in the world”.

That was the narrative until July 1, 2021, when the government mobilised bulldozers and military officers to demolish the structures on the land.

This was a part of the decongestion exercise “Let’s Make Accra Work” led by the former Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey.

The traders were moved to Adjen Kotoku and Dominase, where they have been over the years.

Three years later, the scrap dealers still maintained that they were not pre-informed of the demolition exercise as they were the most affected victims.

Although they gathered funds and bought land at a place called Teacher Mante in the Eastern Region, the scrap dealers have resumed their trade close to the demolished site.

It was discovered that the Old Fadama Clinic, the only building on the site, has been severely impacted by the fenced wall.

Although health personnel at the clinic refused to speak on the record, the dilapidated state of the clinic and the absence of patients show its nearly abandoned state.

Nana Yaw Sackey, a mason contracted to assist in constructing the fence wall, voiced grievances over non-payment despite completing the work.

The 80-acre reclaimed land is deteriorating, regressing to its previous state as it now hosts open defecation and unauthorized dumping. This contrasts sharply with the ambitious goals of the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council (GARCC) when it relocated traders in 2021.

The former Regional Minister revealed that part of the reclaimed land was designated for a modern health facility as part of the government’s Agenda 111 initiative.

Despite this announcement, the project appears to have only commenced recently, years after the land was reclaimed.

However, all attempts to reach the Ablekuma Central Municipal Assembly proved futile.

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