Anger after South Sudan boy abused in Tik-Tok clip


Some people have been taken into custody in Egypt after a video began circulating on social media this week showing a South Sudanese teenager being verbally and physically assaulted.

The subsequent outrage prompted Sudan Sudan’s embassy in Egypt to investigate.

It found that the footage, which seems to have first appeared on Tik-Tok, showed Akok Kuol, a 14-year-old asylum seeker whose family is registered with the UN refugee agency in Egypt.

The incident was filmed last Friday in the capital, Cairo, and showed the boy being sworn at, beaten and forced to wash dishes.

“His private parts [were] also exposed to a source of flame,” the embassy said.

Joseph Moum Majak, South Sudan’s ambassador to Egypt, said in a letter published on Twitter that he had taken action to ensure Akok Kuol and his family were safe.

“The authorities arrested the perpetrators and remanded them for two weeks for further investigation,” he said.

Egypt’s embassy in Juba has also released a statement condemning the “unjust behaviour” in the video, saying it did not represent Egyptian values.

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