Animals cannot make speech to say thank you to their helpers

Many of the world’s people take an interest in animals only when they have selfish use for them. People will either use animals as food or for security purposes. To a much less extent for sport and as pets. Much fewer are caught in zoophilia.

If humans have no personal use of animals, they cared less about those wandering about that are called stray animals. Some do steal such animals for purposes within the above range of their usage. Short of these, they don’t care a hoot or heck about animals.

In many African countries, the laws are silent on animal rights, thus allowing people to visit torture and neglect animals.

Such nonchalance emanates from the traditional belief that animals belong to the animal kingdom and simply dismiss them for nonrational behaviour.

The Ghana Report can authoritatively controvert claims of animal irrationality because though animals do not get mired in deliberation and hesitation they are cut to the chase and execute those actions that are suited to the sort of creatures they are. Animals can imitate the cues of human speech but not necessarily understand the language, and that sends them to the lower tiers of rationality.

In the French city of Bordeaux, a man has taken it upon himself to rescue animals that are endangered just because the animals are exposed to chance situations such as bad weather, a knockdown by vehicles, or any form of slaughter.

Concerned with the rights of animals and their protection from abuse, this man collects the straying light animals. It becomes dangerous if he had to contain a feral animal because that will mean sending the animal back to captivity, but he insists that confinement guarantees their safety.

But he says, the animals he takes in are better off since others might pounce on them and harm or kill them.

The French have the unfortunate distinction of being the European “champions” for abandoning pets that have become too cumbersome for their summer trips.

Animal shelters up and down the country are proof of this unique and sad tradition.

The Bordeaux man has indicated that he will extend his operations to Africa to mobilize and protect endangered animals like elephants and rhinos.


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