Anybody who says marriage is about the ring is a fool – ‘Inspector Bediako’

Veteran Ghanaian actor and film producer, Oscar Provencal is popularly known as Inspector Bediako has disclosed why he does not put on a ring although he is married.

“Rings are foreign concepts but each man to his own; the marriage is between two people. Two people must understand each other, so marriage is not about the ring. Anybody who tells you marriage is about the ring is a fool,” he said.

Responding to a follow-up question by Frema Adunyame about the ring signifying a symbol, the veteran actor rebutted saying there is no need to have a symbol when what binds the couple is missing.

“What is the symbol when you don’t have a human relationship that holds a marriage Do you know that the women of today want to see a ring because when they see the ring, they say he is a responsible man. He can afford to give me an apartment; he can give me a car; he can give me ‘chop money’. What is the ring? Marriage is a relationship” he added.

The veteran actor is known for starring in the following series and movies ‘Inspector Bediako’, ‘Deadly Voyage’, ‘Bigman Wahala’, and ‘The Other Side of the Rich’, among others.

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  1. Anonymous says

    You are definitely right. Marriage is not about ring but a union with understanding and love. These are all lost in morning day marriage. Marriage has become business and what one party believes and think he/she can benefit.
    God bless you all

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