Arise Volta Region: Do not be misled by enemies pretending to be friends!

Volta region has remained the biggest support base for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) since this party was formed.

The reason is not far-fetched. Our founder and the longest serving leader of this country since independence, Jerry John Rawlings hails from the region.

It is therefore utterly preposterous when some few people in the NDC leadership for their selfish political reasons decide that Volta Region fits their purpose for creating and reinforcing a narrative of insecurity they seek to perpetrate simply because they think it makes the government unpopular.

Why not Gonja’s or any other ethnic group or region? The divisions and tensions being created between brothers, families and couples by this evil and selfish agenda means nothing to the sponsors.

Granted that the Volta region has not seen any dramatic or strategic development by any of the two main parties, I am particularly pissed at the NDC.

We have consistently given them the required numbers from one election to the other yet nothing to show for that support.

This obsession with the agenda to create a sense of insecurity last Friday led to the needless death of an indigene and many others injured including security officers. Several others have been arrested and sent to Accra.

Most of them are ignorant as to why they are doing what they were caught doing. We continue to be used by these enemies pretending to be friends and now we also have to die just to serve the cause of the NDC?

As if that was not injurious enough, they find us as convenient tools to orchestrate a deceptive impression that Voltarians want to secede from Ghana.

There is nothing farther away from the truth than that idea. Not that a few people in the region do not have some real concerns because there are, just like there are concerns all over Ghana that needs addressing.

Not that the Western Togoland phenomena is entirely new because it is not. It came to the fore during the tenure of President Kufuor and went dead from the Mills to Mahama eras.

But this time we are seeing the hand that is remotely fomenting the chaos and exploiting and misguiding a crop of our youth.

I find the hypocrisy of the current crop of our party leadership very nauseating. What will the Volta region gain from the chaos that it could not gain during the absence of chaos under John Mahama? When has Mahama ever condemned the criminal acts being perpetrated by the Homeland Group and Western Togoland ‘activist’? Have you heard Asiedu Nketiah or Ofosu Ampofo either? They won’t take it to Nsawkaw or Fanteakwa.

We all know the faceless persons behind this agenda and their motive.

We must call them out. It is particularly shameful that some of our notoriously loud mouthed chiefs in the Volta region have remained silent while this evil agenda trends.

From the plans of the NDC that got leaked where Ofosu Ampofo was heard narrating their plots for insecurity and lately the meetings being led by Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Francis Sosu, Gerorge Sosu and Fiago Goxi (Michael Kwabla) aka Togbe Yesu at Nyatikpo in North Tongu cannot be mere coincidence.

These are the persons doing the ‘dirty hands’ job for John Mahama and certainly not for the NDC. You cannot be working for the NDC by destroying the people of the Volta region. But then, there is a new NDC we are told.

This is the NDC where Doe Adjaho was not good enough for running mate consideration, where Dan Abodakpi was not considered fit to lead the party as its chairman, Koku Anyidoho was not good enough to be the party’s general secretary and Anita Desoso not fit to be organizer of the party. We can continue to pretend we did not know that John Mahama was behind the machinations to ensure these illustrious sons and daughter of the land lost out.

Is it not curious that the heart of the chaos stems from North Tongu where these meetings have been taking place? Interestingly, a young man most of us thought was one of strong values and MP there is the one pretending the most. While NDC’s silence as a party under the leadership of John Mahama will appear strange because chaos within their biggest support base is a threat to their vote numbers, Okudzeto Ablakwa’s intermittent lone voice of condemnation is only because he is at the epicenter of the chaos.

Ask yourself why this chaos was not unleashed during the voters registration exercise. Ask yourself again if these same communities fighting for secession were the same people that queued from dawn to dusk just to register to vote in a Ghanaian election.

They should not throw dust into our eyes. We know exactly what is happening. Since the unleashing of these recent secession calls, how many NDC activist have been heard or read pretending to be condemning it?

Voltarians want what every civil minded Ghanaian wants, opportunities to advance oneself, freedoms to express and move about, access to good health and housing facilities.

Though born to a Ga father, I was raised by my ewe mother and grandparents in Volo with all the Values required to raise a decent man. Thanks to those values, I can face the world. I lived all my formative years and early adult life in Volo.

It is a place I call home and proudly identify as one when I am required to fill out any form.



  1. Nash Doe Adamah says

    Stupid idiotic narrative trying to shift blame. It’s clear Nana ADDO and his NPP Delta/Invisible FORCES will benefit from a DESTABILIZATION of the Volta Region, and not Ablakwa and the NDC.

  2. Anonymous says

    Why would you published an article full of innuendos and farrago of distortions. How can you allege without providing a scintilla of evidence to support your claim? Why would the NDC create such instability when they know that a potential breakway will take away their “world bank” and keep them perpetually in opposition? Stop spreading gibberish without bereft of any facts.

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