Assembly to pull down ‘Adentan tower of babel’

Adentan Tower of Babel

The Adentan Municipal Assembly is set to pull down a six-storey building at the Ashaley Botwe school junction in Accra.

The decision by the authorities comes after the structural integrity of the building became topical on social media. Some described the building as a disaster in waiting.

Others ridiculed it, calling it the ‘Adentan Tower of Babel‘.

But in a statement, the Adentan Municipal Assembly has announced it will demolish the multi-storey building.

The statement also stated that the developer had no developing permits neither had the assembly received any application for permit with regards to the Adentan tower.

According to the assembly, it had earlier served ‘stop work notices’ to the developer of the building on June 22 and August 4, this year.

The developer, however, refused to heed to the notices from the assembly.

Following his refusal, the assembly, on September 29, 2020, in a third attempt formally wrote to the developer to stop work with immediate effect.

The residents have likened the situation to the collapse of a three-storey church building in Akim Batabi in the Eastern Region, which killed more than 15 worshippers and left several others injured.

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    Ghana is a joke. What a crappie COUNTRY

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