Avoid Mass Gatherings – Ghanaians in SA Cautioned

Source The Ghana Report

The Ghana High Commission in South Africa has advised the Ghanaian community living in that country to be cautious and vigilant of their movement.

The Commission stated that there was a probable danger of upcoming protests against foreigners in the country.

It said this had been made known by some groups in the country.

Therefore, the Ghana High Commission has alerted Ghanaians in South Africa to avoid mass gatherings.

“The Mission would, thus, like to advise the members of the Ghanaian community to be vigilant to such incidents, restrict their movements to safe areas, avoid mass gatherings, and refrain from activities that could result in conflict, brawls, or deterioration in their safety,” a statement issued on Tuesday, 6 September 2022, indicated.

“Whilst recognizing that this is not a government or state policy, such activities by individuals or groups could degenerate into violence aimed at foreigners or threaten their lives, safety and livelihood,” the statement added.

It asked members of the Ghanaian community to contact the Mission for further assistance when needed.

“Members of the Ghanaian community may contact the Mission in the case of emergency or any attacks,” the statement added.

'Restrict your movements to safe areas' – Ghanaians in SA advised

In early September 2019, xenophobic attacks escalated dramatically in two large South African cities – Johannesburg and Pretoria – and adjoining areas.

South Africa has had a recent violent history of xenophobia against Africans.

Foreign Africans have been scapegoated and blamed for economic insecurity, crimes, and government failures.

Businesses belonging to African immigrants were looted, burned and destroyed. People were assaulted.

They have been targets of nationwide protests and shutdowns characterized by mob violence, looting, and torching of their businesses.



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