Be deliberate about promoting Ghanaian music – M.anifest to DJ’s

Rapper  M.anifest  has asked Ghanaian DJs to promote Ghanaian music purposefully.

Commenting on the influx of Nigerian music in Ghana, the rapper said the onus lies on Ghanaian DJs to push Ghanaian music.

“The DJs are tastemakers; they have to recognize their position as such and not just be dictated to by the people. You decide that. You are part of making those decisions because you have the position of power,” he argued.

The issue of Ghanaians gravitating towards Nigerian music follows a tweet by rapper D Black who expressed worry about why Nigerian music dominated Ghana’s Apple Music Chart.

“You have to make a conscious effort like Amapiano DJs. They know what they are doing. They are privileging something South African. So we can’t just always be swayed by TikTok and whatever.

“You are determining next week, the month after, so as a tastemaker, there is too much of throwing our hands in the sky and saying this is the status quo,” M.anifest told Citi FM.

Why Nigerian music dominates Ghana’s digital space

But Solomon Appier-Sign, Chief Technology Officer at Qisimah, a digital company, has offered reasons for the trend.

Firstly, Appier-Sign roped in the numbers factor.

Apart from the fact that Nigerians are more than Ghanaians, he mentioned that many Ghanaians who have access to the internet do not have credit cards or would not even bother to buy music online.

According to the Qisimah boss, the digital platforms also crawl on the internet to see what is relevant and tailor their songs in that fashion.


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