Akosombo Textiles CEO faces death threats from workers

Some aggrieved workers of the Akosombo Textile Limited (ATL) have issued death threats to management and union leaders of the company.

The workers are unhappy over what they described as the dwindling fortunes of the company contrary to the circulation of a video suggesting that the company is back on its feet since government took over management from the Chinese investors two years ago.

They are also demanding payment of their September salaries, 2019 annual bonus in both cash and cloth, and the implementation of a negotiated pay rise of 6 per cent for last year.

They are also agitating over a 5 per cent pay cut by management in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which they said is unjustified and worsening their plight.

In a strongly-worded letter to the Akosombo Divisional Police Commander asking him to advice management of ATL, the workers said “… advice the management of ATL to put immediate stop to the 5% deduction from our salaries”.

“To settle our 2019 bonus cash and cloth, to pay our 6% salaries and wages negotiation effective July 2019 to date which they refuse to apply on our salaries,” the letter added.

According to the agitated workers, failure on the part of management to pay them what they are due and stop the deductions will lead to bloodshed.

“Their failure to do so by the end of this October will lead to bloodshed.”

The group threatened five top executives, including CEO Kofi Boateng, saying they “should be ready to meet their death”.

Other top executives who were threatened by the group include Ken Asare, Nana Akua, Justice Boateng, and Dr. Philip.

In the letter to the Akosombo Divisional Commander, the disgruntled workers also listed for other union leaders to prepare for their death for failing to stop the deductions in spite of the agitations.

They were Edwin Akoto, Michael Kwao, Victor Kumah, and Michael Kutoh.

The group further advised the Police Commander to “investigate the matter and advise them [management and union] before it is too late”.

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