Beef Chuck Roast

What is a chuck roast?

It’s a cut from the beef shoulder, neck, and upper arm area of the cow. Other names for chuck roast include chuck eye, chuck roll, and even just pot roast.

What is the difference between a chuck roast and a shoulder roast?

They both come from the same area, but the beef shoulder cut is leaner than the chuck. It’s better for carving into slices. Only chuck beef will give you the “pulled” texture of this dish.

What is the best cut of beef for slow cooking?

Chuck Roast– so, so tender, shred apart, and melts in your mouth.
Bottom round or top round beef – leaner cut and good to use if you want to slice your beef.
Beef Brisket – a fattier choice that gets very tender, but can still be sliced for serving.

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