Before The IGP Could Speak

Before the Inspector General of Police, IGP, could open his mouth and speak to the Committee in Parliament investigating the secret tape recording, the Chairman and the members of the committee sitting on the case had said to would-be respondents that the case carries the implication of perjury as they are swearing on oath before testifying to the committee.

It was said that the law on perjury empowers the committee to hand over culprits to the attorney general’s office for prosecution, and if culpability is indeed established, face a jail term.

The committee’s chairman noted his team had no malice aforethought or prejudice against those appearing before the committee. He said it was only fair that the IGP also testify publicly, once inquiries about other parties to the case were conducted in the open.

Given the security implications of an IGP attending to very serious allegations, the hearing is a bit sensitive. Lawyer Kwame Gyan, counsel of the IGP  objected to the presence of accusers of his client when they had made earlier submissions without the presence of the IGP.

The experienced lawyer also requested an adjournment to study a  document and return at a later date for their submission. The auditorium where the committee is sitting is packed with senior police officers, all wearing stern faces.

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