Benefits of Smoothies – Five Reasons Why Smoothies Are Awesome!

Love smoothies? Me too! Yes, they are easy to make and convenient when you need to eat something quick and healthy. But I think they are more than that, especially if you have a few good recipes in your back pocket. In this post we are talking about benefits of smoothies and why I think they are awesome.


1. They are a great alternative to fruit juices and even ice cream:

I have never been much of a fruit juice drinker. However, my husband loves fruity ice teas, orange juice, and store-bought so-called healthy drinks so I know how addicting they can be, especially when it is hot outside.

My weakness, on the other hand, is ice cream. Nothing makes me happier than a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s butter pecan ice cream. However, since we have been regularly having smoothies, we no longer feel the need to drink fruit juices or eat an excessive amount of ice cream. We both think smoothies are just as satisfying.


Various colors of smoothies in bottles with fruit around them
Benefits of Smoothies: Find out why it is good to have 1 smoothie a day.
My favorite superfood smoothie recipes that you can make in less than 10 minutes and with easy-to-find everyday ingredients. All of these recipes are vegan and very minimally sweetened with unrefined sugars.\

2. They are the best afternoon pick-me-up or daily snack:

I am sure you know that feeling; 4 o’clock hits and you feel the weight of the day on your shoulders. You need something to get you to feel energized again.
Most people think of smoothies as morning food. While I think that is perfectly fine, I also think that smoothies make the best afternoon snack. They immediately give you the energy boost you need and get you going until you are ready for dinner.



3. They are a great way to incorporate healthy produce you don’t enjoy in your diet:

You would know this one very well if you have a child who doesn’t like vegetables.

The good thing about smoothies is that you can easily blend a cup of spinach (or kale).

With the help of sweetness coming from fruits, you can easily disguise the taste while you are still having the nutritional benefits of green leafy vegetables.

Several smoothies are together in glass bottles - Benefits of Smoothies: Find out why it is good to have 1 smoothie a day.

4. They strengthen your immune system:

It is no secret that in our modern daily life, we are not consuming the suggested daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

However, by blending yourself  a cup of smoothie made up of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, you would easily be able to get your daily need of nutrient-dense foods.

As a result, you can increase your vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant intake to strengthen your immune system.


5. Regular Bowel Movements:

It is a little embarrassing, but this one is my favorite.

With one smoothie a day (especially if it is a green smoothie) on a regular basis, you will start having regular bathroom visits and less digestive discomfort, which will eventually help with bloating and even
weight loss.

Benefits of Smoothies: Find out why it is good to have 1 smoothie a day.

Whether you are trying to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet or simply trying to cool off with a healthy beverage, I cannot imagine a better than blending up a smoothie.


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