Best Point MD dies of COVID-19

The Managing Director of Best Point Savings and Loans has reportedly died of COVID-19.

Philip Odei Asare, according to reports succumbed to the deadly virus on the morning of Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

He had a kidney disease which is believed to have triggered his death while treating COVID-19.

Mr. Asare died on the same day with his father-in-law who also suffered COVID-19 complications.

He joins the list of at least 358 persons who have died of the virus in Ghana.

Ghana’s COVID-19 cases have witnessed a sharp rise raising concerns among health professionals.

In October 2020, Ghana’s COVID-19 active cases stood at 298 but ballooned to 2,174 active cases as of January 20, 2021.

Due to the spike in cases, President Akufo-Addo ordered the police to enforce strict adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols.

The president is worried about the rate at which Ghanaians had thrown caution to the wind.

He expects the police to be more aggressive in enforcing the laws meant to insulate the public from the increasing COVID-19 infections.

Mr. Akufo-Addo wants war on the indiscipline that has crept into the country’s fight against the vicious disease which has collapsed economies and brought down some of the most sophisticated healthcare systems in the developed world.

” I have instructed the Inspector General of Police to direct officers, men, and women of the Police Service to ensure the rigorous enforcement of the law on mask-wearing at all public places and in public transport,” President Nana Akufo-Addo said in his latest COVID-19 update to the nation.

With most pubs and beaches in business under the guise of operating restaurants, the President wants the laws passed in April that barred beaches, pubs, cinemas, and nightclubs from operating to bite.

“They[security services] are also to ensure the closure of all night clubs, pubs, cinemas, and beaches that may be operating in defiance of the law. They will be assisted by the other security agencies if need be,” he said.

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