Birthday Gift Ideas For The Different Kind Of People In Your Life

I may be the odd man out here, but I don’t like giving or receiving gift cards as a gift. To me, they’re impersonal and an easy way out.

If you have a relationship with someone, you have a good idea about their interests.

Catering their birthday gift to suit their personality is a double win.

We’ve compiled a list of gifts for all of the different people you may be shopping for, while also keeping your budget in mind!

For the book lover:

You know your friend likes books, but you’re not sure which ones they’ve read, haven’t read, etc. Below are some links these friends might enjoy, from a funny t-shirt to cute personalized items expressing their love of literature.

  • “I closed my book to be here” T-shirt
  • Personalized folded book art
  • Reading list bookmark

For the coffee snob:

Your pal drinks coffee from sunup to sun down, has their favorite blend, and more travel mugs than should be legal.

Here are some gifts that are bound to perk up their day. (See what we did there?)

  • Five-coffee sampler box
  • Electric milk frother
  • “If you can read this, bring me coffee” socks

For the adventure type:

Your friend is always planning trips, going places, and expressing their desire to travel the globe. These gifts can help make their visions become a little more of a reality.

  • A U.S. international park interactive poster
  • “Our adventures” mini album
  • A leather luggage tag and passport holder

For the one who’s always in the kitchen

We all have that friend who loves cooking and trying new culinary things. (Hi, it’s me. I’m that friend and it just so happens my birthday is in ten days — hint, hint.) These items can allow them to continue to expand their cooking horizons.

  • Gourmet seasoning collection
  • Kitchen conversions cutting board
  • “Cooking because murder is wrong” poster

For the gamer:

Whether your friend is into Xbox or D&D, they may get some more fun out of these gifts.

  • LED Neon gaming sign
  • Gamer nutrition facts T-shirt
  • “Shhhhh I’m gaming” socks

For the one who has everything:

Your friend may seem to have everything they could need or want and you’re having a hard time coming up with what to get them for their birthday. The following items are things they would still enjoy even if they had something similar.

  • A personalized pen
  • Unsolved Case Files murder mystery game
  • Sending You Sunshine care package

With these gifts, you’re sure to impress your friends. They’ll love that you took the time to handpick something that truly embodies the things that interest them (don’t tell them we helped you.

Most are within a reasonable price point as well, meaning you can impress them without breaking the bank.

What’s the coolest gift you’ve ever gotten? Let us know in the comments below!

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