Blakofe shares regret of supporting NPP as she accuses the party of sabotaging her

Renowned Ghanaian Media Personality, Blakofe, known in real life as Oheneba Akua Manfo has accused the New Patriotic Party of sabotaging her media career.

Blakofe campaigned for the NPP and was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Office of the Ghana Tourism Development Company by H.E Nana Addo. However, in 2018, she resigned from her post and accused the NPP government of corruption.

The Ghanaian media personality has since been a hard critic of the ruling NPP government. Apart from accusing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of threatening her life, she has now alleged that the party is sabotaging her media career.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Blakofe is alleging that she is being denied access to footage from her career. The TV presenter has hosted popular Ghanaian television shows like Talking Drum, Amazing Ghana, Miss Malaika, Morning Ride and Soccer Academy

Do you know when Mnet sacked me for saying Ghana@50 was a waste of money they refused to give me copies of my work? I’m trying to archive my TV career in the asylum and I have nothing! No Goldblast. No Talking Drum. No Amazing Ghana. No Miss Malaika. No Morning Ride. No Soccer Academy. No Taxi Driver (guest appearance on 1 ep). Only 1 Studio 53. I filmed so much…20 years on TV and I have little to prove it. My YouTube channel was also pulled down, don’t know whom by or why so all the footage there is gone. And my previous tenant threw ALL our things out of our home before subletting. Those things included plenty VHS copies of my TV career,” she said in the post.

Emphasizing on the harm the political party has caused her, Blakofe says she regrets campaigning for the party, especially under President Akufo-Addo’s rule.

These days, I don’t stress or vex so I’m not angry. Just disappointed that I’ve nothing to archive. Nothing for my granddaughter to see. As for the shows I emceed, forgerrit. No footage kraaaaaaa. What a sin t’ing. PS – I lost my Mnet job under Kuffour (apparently powers that be phoned Mnet to sack me for saying don’t buy champagne for Gh@50; build maternity wards instead. I know the woman who instigated my sacking though. Then under Akufo-Addo, I lost my life in the asylum. The lesson? I should never support NPP!” she stated.











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