Botswana’s government seeks to overturn ruling on same-sex relationships

The Court of Appeal in Botswana started hearing a government attempt at overturning a landmark ruling that decriminalised homosexuality.

In 2019 Botswana’s High Court declared prison sentences for same-sex relationships as unconstitutional.

The government wants the ruling overturned because it believes that courts have no jurisdiction in this matter, and instead should be an issue for parliament to decide.

“A win out of the Court of Appeal is an affirmation of the fact that Botswana has indeed moved 20 steps ahead, not only of the former self of Botswana but ahead of many other parts of the continent that still criminalise consensual adult same sex and same gender activity”, said Ricki Kgositau-Kanza, Executive Director at Accountability International.

Botswana is one of only a handful of countries in Africa to have decriminalised homosexuality. Other countries are Lesotho, Angola, Mozambique, Seychelles and South Africa.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Should teachers, members of parliament, pastors, scientists and anyone else who is a contributing, dignified and law abiding member of society be not only villified but somehow legally banned and punished over what some would say is a question of morality? Many countries ban women from working outside the home, access to education and political leadership. Those countries undermine their own capacity to compete in the world by suppressing at least 50% of their intellectual and creative capital. The issue of whether the LGBT demographic should enjoy equal rights in a democracy is simple. The law applies to them as a protected group just like any other group. I venture to suggest that many in the LGBTQ community are already serving the country and the private sector successfully. Would you pull them from the ministries, college faculties or pulpits because you take a moral stance against conduct in their private lives? And if you are people of faith, where is your ability to love unconditionally? Live and let live. And enjoy good people of all walks of life. Ghana is filled with a welcoming and loving spirit. This movement against the gay community exists in direct contradiction to religious and legal principles.

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