Bring back lockdown – Queenmother under Italy lockdown tells Akufo-Addo

If Ghanaians knew the impact of coronavirus, they would beg President Nana Akufo-Addo to lockdown Ghana again, Ankobiahemaa of Dormaa Ahenkro, Nana Akosua Pomaah Nhyiraah I, has said.

She is currently locked in a house together with her family for the past six weeks in Italy, where deaths have surpassed 24,114 and total cases exceeding 181,228.

Nana Nhyiraah I believes the future is bleak for Ghana if human movements persist without a break in the chain of spreading.

She expresses worry after hearing Ghana lifted a three-week lockdown in Accra, Kasoa, Tema, Kumasi and other areas after the cases had jumped to 1,042.

Ghanaian family in Italy shares coronavirus horrors and fears

Nana Nhyiraah I explains to theghanareport.com that over 1000 official infections imply that the actual number of infections among the populace could be up to 2000 due to limited tests.

She expresses regret that Ghanaians are oblivious to what was yet to happen and prays that “people prepare and position themselves appropriately in Ghana”.

“Please, this is not child’s play; it is not a joke. It is not a time for jubilation because of freedom to move around. Coronavirus is killing; it is shredding lives, and we should not take it lightly,” she said.

Having witnessed the scourge from her home on the Zezio Street in the Northern Italian City of Como, she believes the U-turn by Akufo-Addo will spell doom for Ghana.

In the mountainous Italian city in the Lombardia Region, she hears constant ambulance sirens and every 10 minutes, helicopters hovering to convey dead bodies. She finds out the number of deaths only in the news.

She says Italy and other advanced countries with excellent healthcare facilities have not been able to provide an antidote to the fast-spreading pathogens which have infected about 2.5m and killed over 170, 634. Close to 660,000 people have also overcome the disease worldwide.

She said advanced countries with excellent health systems had their citizens dropping dead “like leaves.” She wondered why “Africans will be jubilating after the cancellation of a lockdown directive that will rather tackle the spread”.

She, therefore, appealed to President Akufo-Addo to shut down the country once more because “we don’t want to hear that our families are dying back home”.

She cautioned against the politicization of COVID-19 and called for the suspension of plans to vote in 2020 citing Italy which has done same.

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