Our Youth Pastor needs our advice. How do we fix this?

Broken Pen: I Might Lose Everything

Dear Broken Pen,

I have impregnated a girl I didn’t to intend to marry and I need help, no judging.

I am two months into getting married to a girl I know will help my future. The issue is there’s this other  girl who is claiming she’s pregnant for me, I told her to abort because I’m about to get married and she sid if I don’t accept my responsibility, she’ll tell my church, the girl and everyone. Problem is I’m a youth pastor in my church and this will really ruin my reputation.

Let me take you back a little, So let me use the name  Serwaa for the one who is pregnant and Amira for the one I want to marry.

You know boys will always be boys, I was dating way back in 2020, but that lady is neither of these two. Serwaa cme in when I broke up with my ex. She is a sweet girl, very respectful she was naive and wanted to explore. She fell in love quick but I wasn’t sure  I was ready yet. You know that moment between break up and your next relationship is usually confusing. I didn’t tell her of my intentions but I enjoyed the love from her and you know I’ve been with many girls so I know what girls want and I was doing it for her.

I broke her virginity, it wasn’t intentional but I was just curious because she was a virgin at 25 in this our Ghana and I couldn’t believe it so I broke her and we became like sex mates and we have been doing this for more than a year.

Truth be told, I actually started developing feelings for Serwaa till I met this my girl, Amira. for her, we have been together for just 5 months but I know she’s the one I want to marry and I have gone through all the processes with her family already. Just when my marriage started spreading in the church, my old girl said she’s pregnant.

I know she hasn’t done anything with anyone else but I still brought it up as an excuse to push her away because I can’t let her have this baby. I’ve asked her to abort it and she doesn’t want to.

I can’t leave my new girl too because I know I want to spend the rest of my life with Amira between the two. Her family is very rich and even now they have given me land at Kasoa to build a house.

Before you judge me, just think about if I were your brother and I was in this mess. Plus a lot of guys do this.  It was a mistake and I regret it but also I don’t want to jeopardize my future.

What are your thoughts?

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