Canoe Owners Make Profit Amidst Flooding Incident At Ga South

Canoe owners within the Ga South District took advantage of the intense flooding at Ashalaja, Tetegu, Weija, Manhean and others to riff off  stranded victims.

Some of the victims disclosed that “the canoe owners charge GH¢10 for short distance and GH¢20 to GH¢30 for long distances. Luggage attract additional fee of  GH¢10.

Due to the bizarreness of the disaster scene, some displaced persons  “were unable  to put money on themselves, thus they relied on the free services of National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) team.

The Executives of NADMO within the Ga South District have assured residents of their continued support until the water recedes and things become normal level. The victims are also pleading with philanthropists to come to their aid as some of them are unable to conduct businesses and sheltering with friends and sympathizers. Others are currently sleeping in school buildings, churches and other places.

Still finding safety for these victims, the Accra West Regional Manager of the ECG, Ebenezer Gunney, has disclosed that a notice has been served on the affected people within the Ga South District  to put off the power supply to safeguard lives and property since “electricity does sync with water”.

The manager added that ” they are assessing the situation  and that  power would be restored to places where there are outages when they deem it safe for lives and properties”


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