Can’t find love in your 20s? Here’s why

Finding love is hard in your 20s.

Every day, young men in their 20s talk about how Nigerian women place heavy financial demands on them and the women claim that men only want sex from them.

These parallel causes only extended talking stages, culminating in short-lived encounters, blocking and unfollowing each other and blocking each other on social media.

Here’s why;

1. People are too desperate to be in love or a relationship

Desperation makes us overlook things we shouldn’t. When we are desperate, we can accept just about anyone as long as they give us the tiniest attention, we take that as a sign of love.

2. Money and career problems

In a poor country like Nigeria, financial problems abound. In your 20s you are still trying to find your career footing or get a good job or you are still in school.

While some men are trying to make money to survive, they have to make enough money to take care of a woman’s financial problems – especially if she’s younger.

While that in itself isn’t a bad thing as love is caring and sharing, men think that women are out of their money, and that causes them to lose value for them or see them as a possession.

3. People are scared to be vulnerable

Vulnerability requires you to show your real self and be accepted for who you are. Many people are not their real selves. How would you find love if you never open up?

4. Sex is an easier commodity to get

Sex can create the likeness of intimacy without actual intimacy. Many people choose casual relationships where sex is the focus. An easier way to find love is to attribute sex to love.

5. People spend too much time on the talking stage

What is the talking stage? If not a technique designed to hype yourself with attention for a few days until you get bored.

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