Chief Justice lauds Atta Mills

Source The Ghana Report/Sefanam Agbobli

Ghana’s Chief Justice, Sophia Akufo has lauded the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills for his punctuality, charging all Ghanaians to emulate those attributes.

She expressed her profound admiration for how the late President managed his time while endorsing a punctuality campaign by the Punctuality Ghana Foundation ( PGF) .

“The late President Mills, when he was Vice President and when he was steering an event, I remember of an event, not even an important one, but he had agreed to be there. One of the public officials even had an accident on the way because they were rushing to make sure they were there on time. Because they knew he (Prof Mills) would be there on time and he would start the program on time even if it was one person present” she said.

Madam Sophia Akufo however called on people in leadership positions to at all times uphold the integrity for national development.

“We need everybody in leadership position, even a manager, a supervisor and every director, should insist on these things. You can’t say that I live at Mankessim. Okay, learn to know the rhythm of Mankessim traffic and if you have to wake up at midnight and set out, please that is what you are obliged to do or find another job closer to Mankessim.

“But if you want to work in the middle of Accra, know that from Mankessim all the way to Accra you will be in thick traffic any time of the day. And this is the kind of commitment which leadership should set for him/herself and expect from the staff that it is working because particularly for us in Judicial Service, it is very important [to note that] every working day is important for somebody,” she said.

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