COA FS not a cure for coronavirus – Manufacturer

The Centre of Awareness (COA) Global Peace Mission, has refuted suggestions that its product is a cure for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

The firm issued the notice following wide speculation and media publications that the COA FS food supplement and the immune booster was a Ghanaian manufactured solution for the global health threat.

But the firm stated emphatically on its website that, “COA FS is not a cure for coronavirus.”

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Executive President of the Centre, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, said at a press conference that the centre’s COA FS products had shown encouraging signs in China, the origin of the virulent infection.

“We sent some COA FS products to China just about two weeks ago to try on coronavirus patients and information reaching us indicates that there has been a significant improvement in the condition of some infected patients, who were given COA FS products. Even though it is good news, to us it is not scientific, hence not conclusive,” he had said.

Subsequently, he called on the government to conduct further tests to determine the efficacy of its immune boosters and viral load suppressors against the new health threat.

But his remarks resulted in publications and comments suggesting Ghana had found a cure. This, the firm said, was not true and disowned COA GPM’s attachment to a cure.

“The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COA GPM), therefore, disassociates itself from such publications,” the release noted.

The coronavirus has disrupted health systems and global economies, its adverse impact swelling each day. Global infection is racing towards 200,000 with deaths exceeding 7,530.

Ghana has recorded nine cases, with the Health Ministry conducting further tests.

Below is the full statement:


Our attention has been drawn to some publications in the media under the above headline.

We wish to state that COA FS is not a cure for Coronavirus.

Also, during the recent press conference, neither Professor Samuel Ato Duncan nor any other speaker alluded to the fact that COA FS is a cure for Coronavirus.

The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COA GPM) therefore disassociates itself from such publications.

To set the record straight, The Executive President of the Center, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan during the Press Conference appealed to the government and research institutions globally to subject COA FS to further research in order to ascertain its effectiveness against COVID-19.

This appeal arose because some infected COVID-19 patients in China claimed they recovered after using the COA FS Immune Booster.

COA FS is registered as a food supplement that boosts the immune system, and this is what we preach.


  1. Eunice Ewusuwah Ofori says

    Can it be taken as a daily immune booster

  2. Anonymous says

    Then, what is its value to the human being? And where can i get some to buy?

    1. Anonymous says

      Call 0243637936

  3. Samakuse says

    Please, where can i get some to buy.

  4. Edwin says

    Can a lactating mother take COA FS

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