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    *Ghana Christian International High School defeats her Motto ( For God, Family and Country)*

    The world is in a battle to stay alive and our dear nation Ghana is of no exception. Many Ghanaians of repute have contributed immensely; financially and through donations to help our country overcome this global pandemic. 

    The chairperson of the *National Development Planning Commission* and board director of the *Ghana Revenue Authority* , *Professor Stephen Adei* has gone in a totally different direction. The renowned educationist has with malice terminated the appointments of over *70 staff* in his school *Ghana Christian International High School.* The trustees and board of the school which include esteemed fellows like *Herbert Morrison, Sam Okudzeto, E.B Takyi-Micah, Rev Obeng Amoako, F. Parker-Allotey* decided that the Covid-19 situation was enough grounds to part ways with some teaching and non-teaching staff. This seems as an inhumane decision, considering the fact that the school continuous continue to operate. Students will by *Monday 6/04/2020* be taught online by the teachers , and hence has communicated this to parents. The fees for the school are charged yearly and many of the about *960 students* of the school have paid fully. Those still owing have been issued bills and asked to make payment.

    One then wonders why a self acclaimed nationalist, a man who positions himself as being honest, God fearing and just would do this to so many innocent families. These teachers had no idea of the looming termination and dutifully continued to work from home even when the President’s directives were given.

    The reason given by the management is that due to Covid-19 the school could no longer operate, giving rise to a *force majeure* situation. Prof. Adei and his management on this premise declared the teachers’ contracts null and void.

    A *force majeure* event refers to the occurrence of an event which is outside the reasonable control of a party and which prevents that party from performing its obligations under a contract.

    Teachers had begun creating google classrooms to complete the second term’s work and thus were fulfilling their part of the contract. The teachers were going to continue to teach and for students to learn online. However the noble professor decided that it would be much better for his pocket if some of the staff were sent home with the excuse of force majeure.

    A force majeure that has not affected the school’s ability to collect fees and educate the students.

    As a school that operates under the principles of Christianity and have a mission of ” *Educating young people in the nurture and admonition of the Lord* “, the worst the could have done was to give unpaid leave of absence for her workers. However, their actions have defeated the motto ( *For God, Family and Country* ) and mission of the the school by traumatizing these hardworking people in these critical times of Covid-19 pandemic.

    When other men are contributing to make the lives of the less privileged easier in these times. Our president’s choice for NDPC chairman and the GRA board chairman has decided to push some of the people who work for his school into a very bad state. A man who claims to be a beam of godliness and education just threw his educators under the bus.

    May God continue to provide to all affected workers and their families.

    Writer: Affected Worker

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