COPEC demands reduction of LPG prices

The Chamber of Petroleum Producers (COPEC) Ghana has called for a reduction of prices of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Failing to do so, COPEC says it would risk crashing the implementation of the cylinder recirculation module.

The module according to the government is expected to achieve 50 per cent target of national penetration of LPG by 2030.

In an interview monitored on Joynews, the Executive Director of COPEC, Duncan Amoah said the cylinder recirculation target could be at risk if prices of the commodities continue to increase.

He argues that reducing the price of LPG will encourage more people in various parts of the country to patronize it.

In explaining he recounted how at some point most drivers, particularly ‘trotro drivers’ switched to LPG because it was sold at half the price one has to pay for the regular petrol and diesel.

“As it stands now, the price of LPG has gone above petrol and diesel. So you are going to see a situation where drivers, who at some point even have used LPG, switch back to petrol and diesel. simply because it is causing them more, ” he said., ” he said.

According to him, LPG is much cleaner than other fuels hence the need to make a conscious effort to make LPG a lot more economical for Ghanaians.

He also emphasized on a situation where people don’t need to buy charcoal, firewood because LPG would be affordable.

Source The Ghana Report|Gloria KAFUI Ahiable

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